MintChip Browser Plugin

The MintChip browser plugin is distributed as an MSI package - MintChipPlugin.msi. The MSI package installs the plugin and all the required DLLs for the MintChip API. The installation does not require the user to have administrative privileges. The plugin gets installed in the following location on the user's machine:

Users\[user profile name]\AppData\Roaming\RoyalCanadianMint\MintChipPlugin\[plugin's version]

In order to use the MintChip JavaScript API the MintChip browser plugin should be referenced in the HTML code like the following:

    <object id="mintChipApiPlugin" type="application/x-mintchipplugin">
        <param name="onload" value="pluginLoaded" />

The event handler which is called when the plugin is ready to be used is specified in the "onload" parameter as shown in the code above. The function implementing the onload event handler (pluginLoaded in the example) should be placed in the <head> section of the HTML document.

If the onload event handler gets invoked, it indicates that the MintChip browser plugin is present on the user's machine and it is functional. If the onload event handler is never called, it either means that the plugin is missing or the plugin does not work with the user's Web browser.

Once the plugin is loaded it can be accessed like the following: