Platform Starter Packs/Sample Packages

The latest sample packages can be found within the download section of this site.

It is currently essential for developer to obtain a starter pack, because within it contains the necessary closed source library files required to communicate to the MintChip MicroSD.

Each MintChip Sample application contains the following:

  • A PDF version of the platform's getting started guide.
  • A setup folder, which contains a pre-compiled sample application with supporting library files.
  • A project folder, which contains the sample application source code.

Each MintChip Sample application will teach you how to:

  • Build and deploy the a application that uses the MintChip API.
  • Create a Value Message (.ecn file)
  • Accept a Value Message (.ecn file)
  • Read the MintChip transaction log
  • Read the MintChip infomation and status

Each MintChip Sample application has been developed with the intention to make the understanding of these concepts as straightforward as possible. Even though these are fully functional applications, in order to achieve these goals some of the common development practices have been foregone. The applications cannot be considered production ready and are not intended for any other usage but to be sample demonstrations of the MintChip APIs.